Results Leader Scorecard

You’re ambitious, outspoken, and hardworking.
You sometimes bite off more than you can chew.
“Second place is the first loser.”Your Personal Mantra

How you manage others

You love to win. Like, really love it. That’s why you surround yourself with all-stars and expect your people to play like champions every day of the week. You’re not afraid to give an impassioned speech or throw a chair onto the court to get your team on track. You seldom hesitate to cut players who aren’t holding their own.

How you prefer to be managed

When an organization is looking for a “motivated self-starter,” they’re talking about you. You go out of your way to accept challenging assignments, and love the opportunity to show people what you’ve got. You’re at your very best when someone puts you in charge and then gets out of your way. You think the results should speak for themselves, so having someone look over your shoulder or scrutinize your methods will drive you crazy.

How you can be more effective in operating with leaders of other types

  1. Process: You demand a lot of your coworkers and subordinates, which can leave Process types feeling stressed about how they’re going to deliver results. Providing a game plan and creating structure by defining deliverables and milestones upfront will help them keep their cool.
  2. People: You’re so focused on driving results that you don’t always notice when you step on someone else’s toes. Take some time to get to know your peers and employees before you start demanding results. Making sure they know what you expect of them and allowing input at the outset will foster long-term commitment.

Relationships with your employees

You put all of your energy into winning, and you expect your subordinates to do the same. You love it when your employees show a little courage and try to one-up each other. Nothing gets under your skin quite like mediocrity, and you’re probably not shy about showing your disappointment. Employees who don’t show up to win are a mystery to you.

Relationship with your boss

You’ve got the drive and ambition, and the win-at-all-costs attitude it takes to climb the corporate ladder. This is where your knack for taking on high-profile challenges could pay off in a big way. However, for all of your competitiveness, you’re smart enough to know that the one person you shouldn’t compete with is your boss. Especially since he or she will decide whether you move up to the next rung.